Bold new accessories you’ll be wearing soon

Fashion is a fickle beast, things come and go quicker than Donald Trumps’ cabinet members – ok maybe not that fast, but you get the idea! In this blog I’m going to look at some trends that are going to be huge later in eth year, so strap yourself in and get ready to open your eyes to the latest and greatest accessories trends.

Statement gloves

Gloves are practical items in the winter, but in the past, gloves have been an accessory to flaunt. The latest bold designs are sure to turn heads. Alexander Wang has designed some leather gloves covered in spikes. These might look like the type of thing a black metal fan might wear, but they hit the catwalk in the AW2018 shows. Saks Potts showed bold white gloves with black polka dots and Erdem showed an outfit with long nylon gloves that matched the design of the tights in the same outfit.


Wide-Brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats are a favourite of celebrities including Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Now you can wear the style with a whole host of new hats hitting the hops. Equally at home with a summery maxi dress as they are with denim shorts and a crop top. A great style for keeping the sun off and super-chic in a 70s kind of way.


Beaded bags

Minimalists should look away now because a massive trend that is coming is the beaded bag. I have seen lots of versions of this style with bags that are completely covered across every inch of them with coloured beads, bags made completely from transparent balls that look like they’ve just fallen off a chandelier to more toned-down versions with a few imitation pearls as embellishments.



Though Lenny Kravitz was once very much mocked for wearing what looked like a throw from his sofa the trend has now been reclaimed by high fashion with Roksanda and Esteban Cortazar showing outfits that included large blankets as an accessory. Who knew the look you rock when you’re hungover on the couch would be a fashionable look? I’m all for it because I HATE the cold.

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