Wardrobe admin – why you should get rid of old clothes

We all have that part of our wardrobe that even moths won’t venture. You know, the bit where trends of years go by go to die – a chamber of horrors if you will. In this blog, I’m going to focus on the items that are long overdue being tossed out because, let’s face it, they’re not coming back into fashion.

Denim Leggings

These pocketless, elastic-waisted spawn of Satan combines the worst elements of leggings and jeans in one monstrous garment. All kinds of wrong, you’ll be glad to turf these out.


Counterfeit Handbags

Counterfeit handbags are not fooling anyone, they are low quality, they help organised crime, prop-up child labour sweatshops and human trafficking. These are everything that’s bad with the fashion industry – squared.



You might be saying “whoa, hold on there” – I’m not talking about all sweatpants. There is so much good loungewear and really good sweatpants out there that there is no excuse for having old sweatpants you feel bad in. Keep the ones you feel great in. Ditch the others.


Old Bikinis

We all have those old bikinis from holidays we went on years ago. They have been lurking in your wardrobe doing nothing for a decade and are good for nothing. Stretched, stained and unflattering, get them the hell out your wardrobe.


Old Leggings

There is nothing more unflattering than leggings that are stretched, faded nearly worn through that you can see your pants through. Possibly the most unflattering thing you own. Get rid and buy a new pair. They’re not that expensive.


Socks with holes

Unless you live in the Victorian era and intend on darning holes in your socks jettison your socks with holes in them, they are just taking up space in your drawer.


Jeans that hurt

If you have jeans that hurt in any way, especially when you’re sitting done, it’s time to call time on them and buy a new pair. You don’t have to suffer.


Super-low-waisted jeans

These torturous trousers are only good for showing off your asscrack or your whale tail. Having to pull up trousers to stop this is insane. Just get rid of the offenders. They’re not worth it.

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